Company name: Jermin Productions Ltd, Swansea

Location: Swansea

Introduction to company: Jermin Productions has vast experience of producing large scale productions and events in the form of Musicals, Pantomime, Live Events, Children’s Theatre, Theatre in Education, Concerts, Cabarets, Rehearsed Readings, Radio, Fashion shows, Immersive Theatre, and Site specific productions.

Key duties: 
- Working with the Creating an Innovative programme of the Jermin Brand 
- Liaising with the company directors in helping with administrative work
- Teaching at the Mark Jermin Stage School as an assistant teacher, creating and delivering regular innovative lesson plans in a safe well organised but highly engaging manner to suit the age of each group of students
- Developing and implementing a community programme of events 
- Recognise own strengths and areas of expertise and use these to advertise and support others and participate in training and other learning activities and performance development as required
- Create marketing campaigns across all Jermin Group brands and liaise with the relevant media persons and companies in delivering Press and PR for the company
- Create Social Media content across all Jermin Group Brands and provide excellent professional customer service for all brands and departments
- When required, be key holder for locking and unlocking of the venue 
- Provide any other duties as required to meet the demands. Cover for relevant staff as and when necessary. 

Salary: National Minimum Wage

Hours: Such hours as necessary to undertake the specified duties and this will involve a minimum 37.5 hours per week and may entail working outside normal hours including weekends, evenings and public holidays.

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