Name of company:  Loren James Dance Company

Location:  Caerphilly

Introduction to company:  Having lived and trained in London for over a decade to further her own competitive dance career, Loren returned home to Wales just over 2 years ago when LJDC first opened its doors

Key Duties:  • Acting as a mentor or role model
• Providing a safe environment—physical, emotional, and psychological
• Showing respect for all students through
• a fair and equitable distribution of time
• the use of encouraging language in offering positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and acknowledgment of achievements
• Offering challenges that will raise them to next level
• Encouraging them to progress to next level
• Making everyone, regardless of ability level, feel included
• Providing appropriate discipline
• Engaging in an appropriate relationship
• Delivering the best possible age-appropriate skills, content, and materials (including movement, terminology, music, choreography, technique, and historical influences)
• Modelling a positive lifestyle and presentation of yourselves
• Establishing clear expectations for behaviour and attire
• Offering criteria for being respectful, appropriate audience members

Salary:  NMW

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