Digital Content Management

Digital content professionals are responsible for the design, creation, sharing and updating of published content via a range of digital channels (including web and mobile app) to support business and marketing goals. Digital content professionals need technical skills in design, coding and multimedia editing, as well as using a mix of technology tools and platforms for reviewing and enhancing website performance and effectiveness using digital analytics. They also need an understanding of web architectures, UX, hosting and security. They work closely alongside both IT and Marketing professionals.

They contribute to the design, delivery and performance of web, email and social media marketing campaigns (such as events, product launches, digital member acquisition), but their primary role is to ensure online and mobile content meets business needs.

Typical Job Roles:

Digital Content Manager, Digital Marketing Technologist, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Digital Services Manager, Digital Content Manager and Social Media Coordinator, SEO Manager, Digital Content and Optimisation Manager, Digital Media Designer/Producer, Digital Content Executive/Writer, Web Content Manager.

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